Aquabio Combines Scientific Expertise with Innovative Solutions for Break-through Results

Founded in 1979, Aquabio is a professional services firm that applies careful analysis, in-depth scientific expertise, knowledge of technological developments, and innovative problem-solving skills to achieve break-through results for our government, military, and private sector clients. 

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, and to find innovative and effective solutions. 

We are passionate about delivering results that meet our clients' specific requirements for quality, value, and usefulness.

Analyzing Complexity

When we tackle complex issues for our clients, we use an array of analytical, decision analysis, problem resolution, and project management skills to cut through the complexity by understanding, prioritizing, and finding innovative solutions. 

To avoid “analysis-paralysis” and unnecessary data costs, we identify required type, quantity, and quality of data at the outset based on critical factor analysis.

Applying Expertise

Many complex projects require diverse interdisciplinary expertise.  We offer expertise in marine and aquatic (estuaries, rivers, coastal areas) ecology, oceanograph

y, fisheries biology, ocean engineering, economics, and statistics to meet our clients’ needs.  We apply practical skills such as risk analysis, decision analysis, life-cycle impact analysis, and technology transfer.

When needed, we bring together world-class experts to address our clients’ needs.     

Finding Innovative Solutions

Some projects require new technologies or modifications of existing approaches.  We use our international knowledge and experience with marine technology around the world to determine if existing technology can be transferred and adapted. 

Whether transferring technology from one country or region of the world to another, adapting technologies or processes from one discipline to another, or creating new options, we find innovative solutions to cost-effectively deliver the functionality and value that our clients need.     

Creating Commitment Among Stakeholders

Many of our projects include stakeholders with diverse viewpoints that must reach agreement in key areas in order for the project to move forward successfully.  

Our results-oriented approach and skills in project management, communications, and group decision support/analysis enable us to focus diverse stakeholders on identifying common objectives and priorities in order to create a sense of shared commitment to finding innovative solutions that meet the group’s needs.

Our projects often achieve break-through results--results that delight our clients by exceeding expectations.