Artificial Reef Services

Aquabio provides design, siting, monitoring, and program management services to develop artificial reefs for commercial and recreational fisheries, mitigation of habitat damages, habitat restoration, coastal erosion control, and aquaculture enhancement. 

We use our extensive knowledge of artificial reef technologies and related materials on a global basis to identify the best options to meet our clients’ needs. 

We design cost-effective, sustainable artificial reef solutions, and provide program management and program evaluations to provide long-term success. 

Artificial Reef Capabilities and Experience

Aquabio has developed, built, and monitored artificial reefs throughout the world.  We introduced Japanese prefabricated reef technology in the U.S. and developed the first mitigation application using this technology in the United States. 

Our marine scientists, oceanographers, fisheries biologists, and ocean engineers have extensive experience with East Asian technology for artificial reefs and extensive aquaculture (“ocean ranching”), and have adapted this technology for applications in the U.S.

Representative Artificial Reef Projects


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