Environmental Consulting Services

Aquabio offers environmental consulting services in the following areas:

Environmental and Natural Resource Risk Analysis

Aquabio specializes in environmental and natural resources risk analysis, natural resource injury assessment, and risk management services for a variety of environmental applications such as industrial and military operations, chemical/petroleum spills and long-term releases, and development activities. 

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Artificial Reefs

For almost thirty years, Aquabio has been known for our wide-ranging contributions to the application of artificial reef technology to enhance commercial and recreational fisheries, provide mitigation, restoration, and conservation alternatives, and develop marine resources. 

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Mitigation and Restoration Planning

Aquabio’s mitigation and restoration planning services focus on coastal and river environments, and emphasize the ecological design and engineering process.  We have helped numerous clients to develop project alternatives that cost-effectively meet their structural and functional requirements for mitigation or restoration due to injuries or potential adverse impacts. 

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Technology Transfer

Many of Aquabio’s projects require innovative solutions and technologies.  Aquabio scientists identify promising research, prototypes, and commercial applications in other disciplines, countries, or industries that can be adapted and applied through technology transfer to the client’s needs. 

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Decision Analysis

Complex environmental and natural resource plans often involve multiple objectives, multiple stakeholders, quantities of data, and significant uncertainty.  Aquabio offers expertise in an array of decision analysis tools and systems, as well as communication and interpersonal skills, to enable project stakeholders to develop sound and implementable natural resource management plans. 

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