Risk Analysis Services

Environmental Risks and Natural Resource Injuries

Aquabio specializes in providing environmental risk analysis, natural resource injury assessment, and management services. 

We predict and evaluate potential consequences of proposed or past habitat modifications, and assess the risk of injuries caused by events such as habitat alteration or release of hazardous substances into the environment. 

We use a variety of decision support systems and methods to evaluate mitigation and restoration alternatives, and to identify risk management options that balance the objectives of environmental protection and economic growth. 

Risk Analysis Capabilities and Experience

Aquabio’s principals use their broad range of interdisciplinary expertise to direct and manage effective environmental risk analysis, natural resource injury assessments, and monitoring programs in marine, estuarine, and riverine habitats.  We also perform aquaculture risk analysis.  

Our experience includes a wide range of industrial and military operations, spills and long-term releases, and development activities. 

Representative Risk Analysis Projects


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