Risk Analysis of Harbor Dredging Impacts

Project Overview of Risk Analysis of Harbor Dredging on Shellfish Culture and Natural Resources

The Ngatiwai Trust Board of New Zealand needed a risk analysis of the potential impacts of a major harbor dredging and beachway modification project on shellfish culture operations and natural resources. 

The Board asked Aquabio to perform a risk analysis and identify criticial shellfish culture and natural resource issues.

Aquabio's Role

  • Performed risk analysis
  • Reviewed existing impact assessments and oceanographic studies
  • Based on risk analysis and other information, evaluated impact of harbor dredging and beachway modification on shellfish culture and natural resources
  • Identified critical natural resource issues for negotiation and biomonitoring

Results of Aquabio's Risk Analysis and Recommendations

  • A review of the proposed changes to the harbor system suggested that long-standing green mussel culture operations could suffer due to induced changes in circulation
  • Aquabio identified critical resource issues and biomonitoring actions for follow-up


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