Aquabio Senior Management

Daniel J. Sheehy, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientist, Aquabio, Inc.

Dr. Sheehy is an internationally recognized expert in the use of artificial reefs and other designed structures in marine habitat and natural resource restoration and damage mitigation, failure mode analysis, and the application of risk analysis to coastal restoration planning.

As a biological oceanographer and risk analyst, Dr. Sheehy has over 25 years experience as project/program manager or principal scientist on a wide range of projects throughout North American and overseas.  His experience includes environmental impact studies, ecological assessments, habitat evaluations, natural resource injury assessments, and mitigation or restoration planning.  Projects involve coastal development, oil and hazardous substance damage, power, sewage, and industrial treatment plants, and a range of military activities.

Dr. Sheehy's specialties include assessing and quantifying ecological risks or impacts, and developing, applying, and evaluating appropriate methods for mitigating adverse impacts and for restoring injured natural resources and habitats.  He has conducted numerous projects to restore or replace habitats and natural resources that have been damaged or degraded as a result of chemical, physical, or biological stresses.  He has applied ecological engineering methods to replace ecological structure and/or function to promote the recovery of natural resources and successfully adapted group decision risk analysis methods to support interagency or interdisciplinary decisions related to mitigation and restoration planning. 

Dr. Sheehy received a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island.  He completed DoD programs in Operations Research/Systems Analysis, Research & Development Management, and Logistics.  Prior to rejoining Aquabio, Dr. Sheehy was a Principal at Industrial Economics, Inc., Manager of Applied Ecology at ABB Environmental Services, and a Senior Scientist at Versar, Inc. (ESM).  Dr. Sheehy received senior research fellowships from Academia Sinica (Taiwan), the National Research Council (with USEPA), and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.   He spent several years in East Asia as a visiting senior scientist and continues to participate in ongoing technical exchanges with researchers in this region. He has provided expert testimony for Congressional Committees, and assisted government agencies in preparing national legislation and plans for marine resource enhancement. 


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