Technology Transfer Services

Aquabio has a strong track record of applying innovative solutions and technologies to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.  We often identify promising research, prototypes, and commercial applications developed in other disciplines, countries, or industries, and then successfully and cost-effectively transfer and adapt these technologies to meet our clients’ needs. 

Technology Transfer Capabilities and Experience

Aquabio’s scientists and engineers maintain close communications with their counterparts around the world, across a variety of government, military, academic, and research organizations, and across diverse industries in order to understand and identify technology transfer opportunities.  Whether we are introducing East Asian technologies to the U.S. or American technologies to Europe and East Asia, adapting standard bio-monitoring techniques to meet special monitoring requirements on a remote mid-Pacific island, or including degradable plastic compounds in marine and aquaculture applications, our focus is providing our clients with high-value solutions at an affordable cost through innovative transfer of proven technologies.

Representative Technology Transfer Projects


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