Artificial Reef Technology Transfer from Japan

Project Overview

The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) wanted to examine state-of-the-art and best practices information about artificial reef technology in Japan in order to explore potential application in the U.S.

Aquabio's Role

  • Obtained, translated, and evaluated technology reports, research literature, and siting and design specifications about artificial reefs, mid-water fish attraction devices (FADs), and fisheries enhancements from Japan and other East Asian countries
  • Used prior field observations from extensive studies in Japan to identify critical information sources of Japanese research


  • Published book of selected translations
  • Provided American federal and state agencies, researchers, regulatory bodies, and user groups with information previously unavailable in English
  • Numerous presentations in U.S. and international symposia
  • Selected Japanese technology was implemented in U.S. in follow-on projects


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