Chesapeake Bay Mitigation and Restoration Project

Project Overview of Mitigation and Restoration Plan

A major American steel manufacturer needed to get a permit to dredge and fill targeted areas in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.  Because fishery habitat would be lost, they needed a mitigation and restoration plan to outline how they would mitigate for the lost habitat by creating new habitat in a nearby area, thus restoring the lost functionality. 

The new habitat needed to meet multiple-use constraints due to the commercial and recreational fisheries in the targeted area. 

Aquabio's Role

  • Consultations with Federal and State agencies, and recreational and commercial fisherman to determine requirements, objectives, and extent of the environmental resources that would need to be mitigated and restored
  • Designed an innovative mitigation / restoration approach based on artificial reefs

Results of the Mitigation and Restoration Plan Developed by Aquabio

  • Permitting agencies approved Aquabio’s artificial reef design for the mitigation and restoration plan
  • The proposed artificial reefs were more cost-effective than traditional mitigation methods
  • Aquabio's mitigation and restoration concept was accepted by regulatory agencies


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