Uncertainty Analysis Training

Project Overview of Uncertainty Analysis Training Requirements

The U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine needed a course on quantitative uncertainty analysis for their ecological and human health risk assessment training program.

Aquabio's Role

  • Aquabio staff assessed user requirements, regulatory status, and emerging mission needs related to how they might use quantitative uncertainty analysis for ecological and human health risk assessments
  • Aquabio staff developed course lesson plans, case studies, and literature reviews
  • Aquabio selected additional quantitative uncertainty analysis instructors and application software for class training

Results of Aquabio's Uncertainty Analysis Training Program

  • Aquabio staff developed a successful training program and provided a course on the theory and practice of uncertainty analysis for risk analysts
  • Aquabio assisted with initial applications of quantitative uncertainty analysis to ensure that the client would achieve maximum benefits from the program


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