The weather in Paris in June brings gloriously long warm (or hot) days, a mix of sun and clouds, and usually not too much rain or humidity.  As a bonus, roses will be in full bloom throughout the city's parks and gardens. 

June marks a transition period from spring to summer.  In a typical year, you'll still feel some of the cooler temperatures of spring, especially during early morning hours, at the beginning of the month but by the end of June, the long hot days and warm nights characteristic of summer in Paris will be the norm.

Similarly, you may experience more humidity and rain at the beginning of June while the end of the month will be dryer.  How much rain?  Be sure to read the section on torrential rain and flooding in Paris during June below - but keep in mind: that's not typical.

June weather typically makes this month a fantastic time to visit, and the perfect time to plan lots of outdoor activities, especially since the sun doesn't set until almost 10pm on the longest days (plus you'll have almost another hour of twilight). 

If you're packing for a visit this month, you can safely include summer-weight clothing - although since temperatures can potentially drop to around 40°F (4°C), add a couple of sweaters or a light-weight jacket to layer if necessary.

June is a fantastic month for planning lots of outdoor sightseeing activities.  For example, you might consider a walking tour with food tastings in the Marais or Montmartre, a sightseeing bike ride around iconic Paris neighborhoods, or even a trip by bike to Versailles.

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about June weather in Paris, packing tips, top things to do in June, and even recommendations about best neighborhoods to stay in this month.

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Top photo: Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars on a brilliant June morning - Photo: AdobeStock

What Is Paris Weather in June Really Like?

Walking through Luxembourg Garden on a beautiful June day
Walking through Luxembourg Garden on a beautiful June day

What is the weather in Paris in June really like?

Check out the following temperature ranges for June to see highs, lows, and averages - and of course look at the photos of Paris in June throughout this article to get a feel for what you might experience, wear, and do.

Paris Temperatures in June:  Average Highs & Lows

Here's a quick look at what June weather in Paris looks like on Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) degree scales for average daily high and low temperatures, which have increased by 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit during the past decade:

  • Average June high temperature:  75°F (24°C)
  • Average June low temperature:  55°F (13°C)

Remember, these are averages - useful for comparing one month with another, but they are definitely not a weather forecast for Paris in June.  View them with a certain amount of skepticism about what you'll actually experience.

To better understand what actual temperatures might be during your June visit, always check the June high and low temperature ranges in the next section.

Weather Statistics for June in Paris:  High & Low Temperature Ranges

If you want to find out what June weather in Paris might be like, looking at the average temperature ranges will give you a better idea than just checking the monthly averages. Keep these ranges in mind when you make your Paris packing list.

Here's the range of daily highs and lows throughout a typical Paris June:

  • Range of high temperatures during June:  62°F to 99°F (2°C to 37°C)
  • Range of low temperatures during June:  38°F to 68° F (3°C to 10°C)

Now take a look at the record-breaking temperatures for June during the past three decades, and when they occurred:

  • Highest monthly June temperature (1991-present):  99°F (37°C) in 2017
  • Lowest monthly June temperature (1991-present):  38°F (3°C) in 2006

Most of the time, June temperatures in Paris stay within a comfortable range. 

But what about the extremes - those days with when the thermometer soars up to 99°F (37°C) during the day?  Do you need to book a hotel or apartment with air conditioning for your June visit?

For most people, the answer is, "probably not."  Temperatures in the 90s (mid-to-upper thirties) typically occur during daytime hours, when you will probably be out seeing Paris.  If your travel patterns vary - for example, perhaps you routinely treat yourself to an afternoon nap - then you might want to consider accommodations with air conditioning, especially since hot days in Paris during June can also be quite steamy from high humidity.

Sun and Clouds during June:  What to Expect

Palais du Louvre on a sunny, cold afternoon
Roses in full bloom on an overcast June day in Square Saint-Gilles, a hidden garden in the Marais

June in Paris typically offers plenty of brilliant sunny days with few or no clouds plus a handful of days with gray, overcast conditions.  However, the sun does usually put in a brief appearance on even the most overcast or rainiest days. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Average hours of daylight:  16 hours, 5 minutes
  • Average hours of sunshine during June:  6.5 hours per day

In a typical year, you can expect about 18-20 days to be totally or mostly sunny, while the others will be partly cloudy or overcast.

How Much Rain Does Paris Get in June?  Can It Impact Your Trip?

Rue de Bachaumont in the 2nd arrondissement moments after a quick June shower
Rue de Bachaumont in the 2nd arrondissement, still wet just moments after a quick June shower

On average, Paris records about 2 inches (about 65 mm) of precipitation during June over the course of nine days.  But don't let the word "average" fool you into thinking that it means means "maximum. 

Let's consider the floods of June, 2016.  The saga actually started during May, 2016.

Although May on average does experience the most rainfall of any month for Paris, May of 2016 was not a typical year.  Much more rain fell than normal, and by May 31st, the ground was saturated.  

Rain continued through early June but with the ground already soaked, the Seine River quickly overflowed its banks as its water levels rose.  Flood waters covered the streets near the river and part of the Île de la Cité up to the edge of Notre Dame.  Museums along the river - the Louvre, Orsay, and Orangerie - had to evacuate art from their lowest levels and close to the public, along with restaurants and other businesses in the flooded areas, until the water receded.

The Zouave statue on the side of the Pont d'Alma bridge during normal water levels in the Seine River
The Zouave statue on the side of the Pont d'Alma bridge during normal water levels in the Seine River

How much did the Seine River rise during the floods?  Ever since the Pont d'Alma bridge opened in 1856, Parisians have used a statue of a Zouave soldier (Zouave was the name of a French army infantry unit) on the bridge's side as an informal flood gauge.  

When the soldier's feet are under water, emergency procedures start.  Once the water reaches his thighs, boats can no longer navigate the Seine.  During the city's worst flood since the bridge was built, water reached the soldier's neck - the high-water mark to date.

By the time the 2016 flood finally peaked on June 3, the water almost touched the Zouave statue's waist - 20 feet (6.1 m) over its usual level.

Was the 2016 flood a once-in-a-century event?  No.  In 1955, 1982, and 2018, floods (during different months) produced higher or almost as high water levels.  And in June, 2018, storms dumped over 3 inches (78 mm) of rain on the city within a 24-hour period; if the ground had been as saturated from previous rains as it was in 2016, serious flooding could have occurred.

However... in a typical year, you can expect a mix of brief showers and perhaps a day or two when steadier rain falls for longer periods.  Most of the time during most years, rainy weather in June is a nuisance rather than a concern.

But as the rain and flood "events" of 2016 and 2018 remind us, you always need some "Plan B" activities in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

What about the Weather at Popular Day Trip Locations?

June is a fantastic month to make a day trips outside of the city.  For popular locations near Paris such as Versailles Palace, Disneyland Paris, Chartres, and Giverny, June weather will be almost identical to conditions in Paris.  

If you plan day trips to more distant spots such as Bruges, the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, or perhaps to the Loire Valley to visit castles, check their local weather before you go.  At this time of the year, they're usually very similar to Paris.

What to Pack for June Weather in Paris

Cafe on Rue Coquillerie near Les Halles on a slightly chilly day in late June
Cafe on Rue Coquillerie near Les Halles on a slightly chilly day in late June

Although June weather in Paris typically stays fairly warm (and sometimes hot), it can drop to the forties and fifties at night, and mornings can also be chilly, especially during the first half of the month.  So like for most months in Paris, you'll want to pack so that you can add and subtract layers as needed.

In addition to your core wardrobe of tops, bottoms, comfortable walking shoes, and under garments, these are the essentials and options to consider for June:

  • A lightweight jacket or a trench coat - water-resistant, if you have one made from a fabric that won't make you sweat if the weather is both chilly and muggy. 
  • One or two sweaters (especially if you don't bring a jacket or trench) in case you need a bit of extra warmth, especially on a late-evening Seine River sightseeing cruise or open-top hop-on hop-off bus where the temperature may feel at 5-10 degrees colder. 
  • A couple of pairs of comfortable walking shoes. and light-weight socks.  What about sandals?  Wear them at your own risk - with so many fascinating things to see as you walk down Paris sidewalks, it's easy to miss noticing the dog poop that's a reality of life here - until you step in it.  By the way - you'll see some tourists wearing flip-flops but they don't work well on cobblestones, and also involve the same hazards as sandals.
  • Optional:  A scarf, if you think you might want one to dress up an outfit for dinner. If that's not your style, don't bring one.  You can always buy one here if you change your mind.
  • An umbrella will be useful if you experience days of constant rain (which are unusual for June, despite the occasional floods).  You can also easily buy one in Paris if you need it.  The small, collapsible kind is the most convenient for sudden but brief showers.
  • A mix of sleeveless and short-sleeved tops, with perhaps one long-sleeved ones, and lightweight pants and/or skirts.

Pro Tip:  Right before you start packing for your trip, check the 7-day Paris weather forecast in case of any surprises.  Here's the forecast in both Fahrenheit and Celsius:


Is Visiting Paris in June Worth It Despite Occasional Floods & Possibly Hot Weather?

Seine River cruise on a gorgeous June day
Seine River cruise on a gorgeous June day

Yes.  In fact, June is one of the best months to visit Paris.  You'll love the bright sunny days with all those long hours of daylight. 

Here are more benefits to visiting Paris in June:

  • Beautiful weather and moderate temperatures (along with perhaps a few days of rain, perfect for shopping, visiting museums, and exploring Paris's historic covered passages)
  • A buzz of excitement as tourists and travelers from all over the world arrive to experience the City of Light
  • Roses in bloom in all the Paris parks and gardens
  • Plenty of exhibitions at many Paris museums and an excellent lineup of concerts, opera, and ballet
  • Strolling along the Seine in the evening, stopping at one or more of the riverside bars and guinguettes for a drink and perhaps live music - or seeing the city from the water on one of the nighttime "illuminations" cruises (but book the last time slot, since the sun sets so late during June)
  • Ice cream!
  • By taking advantage of small group tours and reserving time slots in advance, you can avoid being impacted by the crowds at the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Musée d'Orsay

Weather-Proof Things to Do in Paris in June

During muggy or rainy June weather, the air-conditioned Bus Toqué gives you the perfect way to savor sightseeing, a gourmet meal, & champagne
During muggy or rainy June weather, the air-conditioned Bus Toqué gives you the perfect way to savor sightseeing, a gourmet meal, & champagne

Recommended activities for staying dry and comfortable while sightseeing in Paris during June weather:

  • Mont Saint Michel Day Trip - Explore the famous abbey on this guided tour with climate-controlled round-trip transportation from Paris
  • Moulin Rouge - Enjoy an evening of entertainment and champagne in this famous Paris cabaret - or choose the gourmet dinner option
  • Hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour bus - Enjoy views from the upper deck between showers, and stay dry on the lower level during showers
  • Seine River dinner cruise - Savor a gourmet meal in a weather-proof glass-enclosed boat while seeing famous sights along the river
  • Bus Toqué gourmet dinner - Enjoy a unique sightseeing Paris tour and  5-course gourmet dinner with Champagne on the top level of this special double-decker restaurant-bus (the chef's kitchen occupies the bottom deck)
  • Paris Museums - You won't care what the weather outside is like when you use a Paris Museum pass for free admission to the Louvre, Orsay, Versailles, and almost 60 other famous Paris museums and attractions

More Fun Things to Do & See in Paris in June


Where to Stay in Paris during June

As you know by now, June weather in Paris can be chilly and rainy so a smart strategy is to stay in central Paris neighborhoods close to top attractions, lots of restaurants, and convenient metro stations.  On warmer days, stroll by the Seine River and the outdoor markets.

With these criteria in mind, we recommend staying in these top locations during June:

Use this hotel booking map to find more hotels and apartments for your travel dates: 



Paris Weather Resources

Want current Paris weather predictions?  This is a good French source:  Meteoblue
Historical weather data sources:  The Weather Channel, Weather Spark, and Time and Date

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